With a suite of products and services, second to none in the industry and a culture that focuses on customer service, CTMS is a professional organization dedicated to developing long-term partnerships with our clients. We are committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standard of integrity and customer service and we remain steadfast in our business ethic, never losing sight of the needs of our clients.

Online Travel Reservations

Travel reservations can be completed using one of our popular online booking tools (OBT). Designed for mid and large sized corporations with multiple vendor agreements and complex travel policies, an OBT streamlines and automates nearly every facet of corporate travel procurement, enabling companies to reduce travel costs, control travel demand, increase procurement efficiencies, strengthen supplier relationships, and better enforce travel policies.

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Agent Assisted Travel Reservations

Our reputation has been built on the level of personalized service that is provided to each and every traveler. Each call will be answered by a live person and email booking inquiries are acknowledged quickly and efficiently. With a dedicated team of seasoned travel professionals assigned to your account, you can rest assured that each reservation will be handled quickly and accurately, getting it right the first time.

Risk Management

CTMS offers a robust Risk Management and traveler notification platform. The solution provides detailed travel briefs directly to the traveler via email prior to departure. In addition, the traveler will receive a detailed travel advisory alerting them to information on current security, medical and risk information for their destination. Additional features include:

  • Instantly identifies travelers in an incident impacted location or those en-route or due to depart in the coming hours, days or weeks
  • Automatic distribution of travel policy, security briefings or other client specified notifications by email
  • Tracks key individuals, such as board executives or other VIPs, or number of employees authorized to travel together on any specific flight, train or vessel
  • Monitors pre, active and post-trip travel patterns
  • Affords immediate reaction to developing situations and threats
  • Searches can be performed utilizing a multitude of parameters, such as date range, name, flight number, city, hotel name, etc
  • Searches can be conducted from web-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets
  • Automatically compiles detailed logs of events and communications that can be interrogated and used to demonstrate that duty of care obligations have been complied with
  • Archives all data within the system for an agreed period

Account Management

A comprehensive data analysis to identify travel trends, travel spend and cost saving opportunities will be performed by an experienced and dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be an integral part of this process and will continuously work to optimize your business’ travel program. Our Account Managers are committed to providing value through:

  • Travel Policy Development
  • Vendor Negotiations (air, car, hotel, rail, charter, etc.)
  • Account-Specific Business Plan Development
  • Orientation & Ongoing Training
  • Account Reviews
  • Process Improvement
  • Management of Technology Applications
  • Best Practices Consultation & Benchmarking
  • Product/Service Consultation (credit cards, expense reporting systems etc.)

24 Hour Emergency Travel Assistance

CTMS’ after-hours service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just one call will handle essentially any travel concern that your employees may encounter. All of our after-hours Travel Consultants are trained specifically each account ensuring seamless service no matter where your travelers are in the world.

Travel Program Reporting

CTMS offers a cloud based data management platform that consolidates travel information in order to provide a clear, concise and comprehensive view of an agency or corporation’s travel spend. Data can be refreshed daily and is available online, 24 hours a day.

This robust reporting tool captures travel data from a variety of sources, including all major GDS and back-office systems. The data is standardized, consolidated and warehoused in our safe harbor certified and European Union compliant facilities. Secure internet access is provided to the customer so they can view travel spend, measure preferred supplier usage, track travel behavior, monitor policy adherence and improve profitability.

  • Travel Program Reporting
  • Travel Program Reporting
  • Travel Program Reporting
  • Travel Program Reporting