Meeting Tips for the Business Traveler

Are you traveling for business and aren’t sure how to book your upcoming meetings? In this blog, we explore a few tips that can help you set up a successful meeting while on the road.

Check with Your Party First

Make sure to get in touch with the person(s) your meeting with before meeting with them. If you’re meeting people who are familiar with the country, or who are local, they typically know where to go. Consider their choices as they probably have more insight regarding locations and venues around town.

Start Your Search Early

Do your research! Utilize google maps before setting up a meeting to confirm locations and locate useful amenities. You would be surprised to know how many great options you can find around city areas for dining, and can easily hold a business meeting at. Look for reviews online which can help you determine whether a specific location is suitable. Also, consider higher end hotel chains such as Le Meridian or the W who host / rent meeting spaces.

Make sure your meeting space is fully Equipped

You might want to consider setting your meetings in less crowded areas of a city or town. If personal and financial matters are being discussed you might want to set up somewhere discreet. When picking an area always keep in mind what the occasion is. Some areas may offer a more casual setting versus a business. Look for areas that can provide you with the conference rooms, or business spaces. This can be useful for a presentation and a more in depth conversation. Lastly, make sure to pick an area that provides internet access, as this may come in handy.

Make Reservations Early

Most restaurants or café owners and even hotel staff would love to assist you in finding spaces to conduct business at their venue. Arrange logistics to your desired venue ahead of the time and date to go over last minute arrangements. A good venue can suggest meal options, A/V options, public or private spaces etc.

Ask Around

hotel concierge and reception desk officers are a great resource to recommend venue options. By explaining the type of meeting you are conducting, they can give great ideas for spaces that fit your criteria, because they know where to look and may have pre-established relationships with vendors. If all else fails, just ask people around the city or town. Ask local shop owners, other stores and restaurants as they may have specific recommendations or opportunities as well.

Arrive Early & Keep Communication Open

Arrive early to greet guests as they come. Your guests may also be unfamiliar with the city or region and seeing a familiar face helps. Be sure to have your phone and other devices charged and keep your phone handy to receive messages from your guest about late arrivals or unforeseen cancelations. Keep in touch with your party and let them know when you arrive or if you are running late. An easy text message or email will keep them updated and happy.

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