CTMS offers a comprehensive range of integrated travel management solutions. With leading edge technology and first class service, your clubs’ travel needs will be executed quickly and efficiently. Our expert team will work with you to analyze which elements are required, creating a customized travel program that fits the needs of your business. Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel policy review and development
  • Web-based travel booking tools
  • Financial and travel program performance reporting
  • Policy compliance and approval process configuration
  • Corporate card account reconciliation
  • Duty of care and risk management solutions
Personalized Service And Support

Receive Personalized Service and Support

CTMS maintains a sophisticated client management system that allows our account managers to provide each and every client with the MVP treatment. From seat and room selection, to dietary needs, we can deliver each request quickly and efficiently.

  • Personalized service and dedicated support available 24/7/365
  • Stringent quality control policies
  • Customized travel program development

Reduce Travel Expenditures

Reduce Travel Expenditures

With global buying power, superior negotiating skills and strategic partnerships with airlines, hotels, ground transportation and logistics companies, ctms offers the best value in sports club travel.

  • Receive the most competitive rates by taking advantage of ctms’ pre-negotiated rates
  • Receive regular cost management reviews and analysis to identify cost saving opportunities
Travel with Confidence

Travel with Confidence

Obtaining the required travel documentation can be a time consuming process. Our constant contact with embassies and consulates has resulted in a sound understanding of procedures and protocols. This knowledge not only enables us to keep abreast of the most current visa regulations, but it gives us an edge when submitting travel applications.

  • Knowledgeable in-house travel documentation assistance
  • Dependable international visa documentation services
Increase Safety

Increase Safety

CTMS is committed to the safety of our clients while they travel. That means supplying travelers with relevant destination and incident reporting to keep the up-to-date and aware of risks that may affect their travel.

  • After-hours and emergency service from over 70 countries
  • Receive automatic travel information and alerts on mobile devices
  • Track passengers and review notifications online at any time
  • Streamline the emergency or travel disruption notification procedure
  • Access historical trip data
Gain Valuable Insights

Gain Valuable Insights

CTMS’ robust reporting platform allows travel managers to access numerous pre-designed reports in addition to an unlimited number of customized reports to fit the unique needs of your club. Accessing timely, relevant data allows you to accurately track your program’s progress and identify cost saving opportunities.

  • Monitor travel spend in a secure, web-based reporting platform
  • Track pre and post travel expenditures, advance purchases and unused tickets
  • Receive organization wide insight on travel behavior and trends
Value Adds

Value Adds

CTMS offers a variety of sought after travel services including, but not limited to:

  • Travel program consultation
  • Executive VIP travel services
  • Lounge access
  • Block space
  • Leisure travel discounts
  • Meeting and event management
  • Group and incentive travel services