International Travel: Tips on traveling abroad


Traveling outside of North America can be a unique experience for some travelers. Today we’re looking at some helpful tips to prepare you when traveling for business abroad.

Acquiring Visas

Depending on where you are traveling, you may require specific visas prior to entering a country. Countries such as India, Russia, Uzbekistan are some of the countries that require visas that typically take, 2 – 12 weeks. Some countries require specific guidelines that can delay an approval on your visa application. We suggest doing your research ahead, or connecting with a travel company who can walk you through the process.

Immunizations & Vaccines

Does the country you plan on traveling to require immunization and vaccines? Inquire with a doctor about taking specific vaccines or immunizations before visiting a foreign country. It may just be that there is a reported flu or virus that could be spreading in specific areas or regions of a country. It’s always a good precaution to investigate the country you are traveling to for specific outbreaks or health alerts that can affect you. Keep in mind, most guidelines recommend being vaccinated 6 weeks prior to traveling. Countries such as parts of Africa, and India require specific vaccinations prior to entering.


Food and dinning are major traditions that make up a culture and country. Every country has its, own traditions and their connection to food. Keep in mind that different countries have different eating customs, such as eating with your hands versus eating with cutlery. If you have a business meeting investigate the local custom around dinning prior to making a reservation. Be prepared to know where and where not to dine. Also, tipping varies from region to region. In some cultures, it can be frowned upon. Do your homework, and find out what is an acceptable tipping amount at your destination.

Finding Transportation

When visiting a foreign country, there are a variety of ways to get around. Most countries provide options to rent vehicles, taxis, train/bus rides, bikes and even more recently Uber. These methods have their own set of rules in every country you visit. For example, one city may have restrictions on using Uber where another may not. Get familiar with different types of transportation offered and the side of the road driven. If you decide to drive, learn the road rules in advance. Does the country your travelling to require an international driver’s licence or permit? There may also be age restrictions for driving, and special insurance requirements when renting a vehicle. Pick up a book, map or research online before traveling, as this can help you plan for a better and safer trip.

Learning about Culture and Customs

In many ways, a country is defined by its culture, customs. While visiting, a foreign country try to understand local traditions. Pick up a “Lonely Planet” book or do research before visiting. This can help prepare your trip for specific outings and events that you may want to know about during your visit. Also, find out about currencies and exchange rates as this can also save you time and money before traveling. Understand dress code, appropriate language, customs and carrying the right charger for electronics when traveling.

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