Travel Apps For Today’s Business Traveller

This week we explore the Top 5 travel apps used by today’s corporate travelers. Check out some of these great phone and tablet apps to help plan your next trip abroad.

  1. Concur Travel App

If you’re in need to plan your next trip into detail and find a way to book flights, hotels and car services look at using the Concur Travel app. You can get in touch with an agent here to learn more about Concur and how your company can utilize this great app when booking their travel. The Concur app helps manage your travel arrangements and expenses. The app also features a built-in camera mode to help capture receipts, while managing travel approvals for your itinerary. This app also has several added perks which can help itemize hotel charges while managing your meetings and events. Use the Concur travel app to help manage your trips effectively and accurately.

  1. Guides by Lonely Planet

Looking to explore new destinations around the world, but aren’t sure where to start? The Guides app by Lonely Planet is a great tool to help you find the newest and coolest hot spots in their catalog of selected cities. Use the app to browse some of the worlds top tourist sites and cities for a unique inside look at what’s offered across town. This app can help you choose from some of the top recommended restaurants, hotels and other recreational activities when traveling. Be sure to install this app if you’re interested in learning more about a specific city.

  1. TripIt

TripIt is another great app made from the people who brought you the Concur Travel App. The app helps consolidate your travel plans into one place to be viewed. By using the app, you can forward all your travel plans and confirmations to their email, which then converts your details into an easy to read interactive itinerary. The New York Times, Forbes and CNet hailed the app as one of the most highly recommended travel apps in the market. Be sure to download this app to help create the perfect itinerary for your next trip.

  1. Sygic Travel

Ever needed access to road maps offline? Now there is a great app that helps you do this with a built-in trip planner and travel guide. Sygic Travel App is an incredible tool that helps eliminate the worry of getting lost without a GPS signal. The App also provides coverage of over 20 million places, while providing photos and 360 views of cities and roadmaps. If you want to have worldwide offline map access, use Sigyic Travel app as your guide when traveling.

  1. Roadtrippers

Roadtripper is an incredible app that can help plan your next road trip. The app helps you organize specific locations you are looking to visit, as well as locations you have visited, which you may want to return to. Want to look for some cool places like local diners or nifty roadside attractions? Use Roadtrippers for all your road trip plans and needs.

To get more information about some of these apps. Speak to one of our qualified agents to see what technology would best be suited for your business’s needs when traveling. Email us at or call 1866 FLY-CTMS.


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