Avoid Stress and Fatigue while travelling for business

Traveling can take a lot out of you, thankfully we’ve provided you a list of useful tips to help keep you energized and at ease, making each travel more enjoyable.

Make Traveling an Energizing Experience.

Business Travel can be draining as you should keep energized while traveling. Allot time off for rest and relaxation. Most hotels offer a wide-variety of amenities that can give you the added boost you need before attending any meetings or events. Look for opportunities to keep active when travelling such as, visiting the hotel gym, utilising the spa, or taking a dip into the pool/jacuzzi. Fuel up by taking a nice stroll into town.  Enjoy a personal night out to the movies or a show as this can be a great way to unwind after a busy work day. Mixing business with pleasure when travelling helps enhance your experience and energy levels throughout your stay.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible.

Make sure not to fill your days with arbitrary events or meetings that may be irrelevant or not inline with your business goals. Confirm meetings ahead of time so time is not wasted. Create a list of people you meet and allow flexibility if needed. Prioritizing is crucial when planning your business trips, but know when to go with the flow, because things happen.

Utilize Technology

Using technology can benefit you in some astronomical ways. There are apps that can help you organize your schedule, confirm your attendance, suggest local eats and schedule exercise and downtime activities. Utilize apps that can help you relax, meditate & manage your sleep such as the (Calm app). Use these apps to help you learn a variety of de-stressing techniques while travelling.

Get Enough Sleep

Schedule time for sleep, you’ll thank yourself later. Give yourself at least 7 – 8 hours of shut eye before waking up for work. Do this before, during, and after your trip to give yourself optimized energy.  Also, make it a habit to take naps in between your days. This will allow you to work better and feel better.

Return to Calmness

The best way to keep it calm on your return is by preparing for it. Pre-plan your payments, to-do lists and other unforeseen obstacles that you may need to face when you return. This will help you come back to a relaxed environment where you can ease back into the swing of things.

If anxiety and exhaustion is one of your pet peeves, make sure to get in on some of these helpful tips as you may just notice a big change with your stress levels and sleep.

Learn more about our business travel services by finding out how we can help make your trips more enjoyable and at stress free. For more information, please email us here at info@ctmstravel.com


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