Airport Security and Visas – What you need to know?


Airport security and customs checks can be a drag.  Follow these great steps to ensure your next airport visit will be quick and painless.

Keep Belongings with You

Before flying, make sure your luggage and belongings are within eyesight. This is the best way to avoid theft, tampering or misplacing your things. That said, you would not want to put yourself at risk if someone else had access to your belongings earlier. Get an easy carry-on or suite-case with wheels and extended handles to help you navigate easier around the airport.

Have Your Documents and Tickets Ready

Make sure your documents and tickets are ready and available prior to getting checked. Aside from your passport, there are a list of other documents that you should have handy while traveling. Consider purchasing a travel wallet for documents such as your tickets, passports, traveler’s checks, address of destination and other forms of id. These items help identify you to anyone who is screening you at customs.

Keep your Passports and Visas Current

Many people have been turned away from flying if passports are expired. This happens quite often as travelers forget to renew their passport. If you are flying outside of Canada and the US, make sure to check with the country you are flying to. There may be certain visas that are needed to enter a particular country and restrictions you may not be aware of. Do your research before flying to a specific destination, as getting a visa can be a lengthy process.

Arrive Early to Check in

Getting to the airport on time can help save many time-consuming security hurdles. Security will typically question or raise concerns ahead of time. This allows them to resolve any issues and get you on to your flight in a timely manner. Checking in online before you arrive can even help by reducing your time at security check points and customs as well.

Review Large Cargo Before Flying

Carrying large cargo can be viewed as a red flag to security and customs. This may raise many questions when flying. Security may ask, what is the purpose of bringing certain equipment or cargo? They may also ask if you have all the proper documentation for your cargo, such as receipts and / or other documentation. These are all questions typically asked when checking heavy or large cargo on to a plane. Have an itemized list ready of your cargo and materials as this may come in handy as checks can happened any time.

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