How to Choose the Best Air Carrier for your Business Traveler

Understanding How You Fly – Air Carriers

With the rise and popularity of Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) and Ultra Low-Cost Air Carriers (ULCC) choosing how you fly has become more confusing. How do you decide which type of carrier to use that looks after the needs of your traveler while remaining on budget and within your company’s travel policy?

In that last couple of years or so, there has been increasing buzz around the number of ULCC options for passengers; think West Jet’s Scoop, Jetlines, Spirit, Frontier. These carriers are no joke as ULCCs have added 20% more seats in marketplaces each quarter, but more importantly opened up another segment within an already established and competitive market.

When Comes to Air Carriers, It’s All About the Benjamins

Price can be a very attractive incentive when considering flight options. Before considering flying with any carrier, determine the model that best fits the needs of your travelers and your overall travel spend. Do you air more on the side of comfort and flexibility, or does everything come down to the dollar amount? Not sure what the best option is for your business? Consider the main characteristics of each type of carrier.

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Recognizable Air Carriers and their Characteristics:

Air Carrier Characteristics

Air Carrier Characteristics

What does this mean for you?

No matter how you choose to fly, nothing can begin or progress without an open conversation and connection with professionals who can guide you through the process. Each company has to cater to their specific need. Contact ( us to move the discussion forward.

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