CTMS Travel -Top 10 Business Travel Hacks


This week we look at CTMS Travel’s top business travel hacks. Keep these tips handy to make your travel easier.

  1. Travel Checklist:

    Make a checklist before traveling. There are several apps you can download online including Quip and Prontoforms. Set up a list of everything you need including, travel tech, wardrobe, funds, and reservations to help prepare your trip. You’d be surprised how helpful and effective this is when traveling for business.

  2. One Bag Travel:

    Travel light by giving yourself a one bag travel rule. Spend less by limiting space for purchases and de-clutter your suitcase.

  3. Ask a Travel Agent:

    Check with your agent before traveling for business. Travel agents can offer suggestions on a lot of saving perks. An agent can offer great ideas about travel accommodations or other amenities.

  4. Download Airline Travel Apps:

    Download your airline app as this provides you with extra in-flight amenities and perks. Get access to Internet, Movies, Music, Radio and in-flight services by downloading their app on to your phone or tablet.

  5. Express Boarding options:

    There are a few ways to make boarding a quick and easy experience. Look at TSA PreCheck, Nexus Card, or Global Entry as options to help you expedite the customs and border process when traveling.

  6. Credit Card Perks:

    Some credit card offer perks and incentives for travel. Many cards have Traveler’s Insurance or Car Rental / CDW Insurance as an added benefit. Find out what perks you are entitled to by calling your credit card company and inquiring about what benefits your card offers when you travel.

  7. Access Airport Lounges:

    Gain access to airport lounges without traveling business or first class. Visit – https://www.prioritypass.com/ to access airport lounges for a low yearly fee. In lounges, you benefit from faster WI-FI connections, charging stations, newspapers and many other extras. You can also use the lounge to take a break, snack or get important work done in a noise-free environment.

  8. Utilize Online Check-ins:

    Pre-select seats online and print your boarding passes at home. You can choose seats based on your preference. Choose basic food options, or exclusive offers to upgrade. Decrease your odds of being bumped from a flight as you can check-in early.

  9. Ask Your Hotel about Discounts:

    Check in with Hotel concierge or other representatives about discounts around your area! Check with a hotel rep for guides and discount flyers as these carry enormous discounts on activities, dining, and other excursions.

  10. Save Receipts on a Smartphone:

    Keep organized when you travel for business. Keep expenses and per diems by doing this simple trick. Pull out your phone and take a picture of your receipts. You can download the concur app which has a built-in camera mode to help organize expenses digitally.

Learn other great travel tricks for your next business trip from one of our business travel consultants by 1855-FLY-CTMS or email us at info@ctmstravel.com

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